I am! – music video, 2022

The music video begins with John Clare’s famous poem, a letter written to himself. The character of the film is in a state of confusion and unawareness. Only his memories can help him find himself and self-awareness. This is the last music video I directed in 2022 for Stefano Panunzi.

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The Man of Steel – Short film, 2021

Luca is a boy like many others of his age and, during the day of the renewal of his work contract, he finds himself wondering about the meaning of existence and uncertainty. He will discover how much the contemporary world is so different from the one in which his father lived, apparently less free and less stimulating. Luca will understand that his life is nothing more than a pattern imposed from above.

locandina cortometraggio
l'uomo d'acciaio film

In the belly of Milan – Documentary, film , 2020/2021

The growth of social inequality goes hand in hand with the growth of social inequalities which are further accentuated by processes such as urban renewal, gentrification and housing market strategies. In this documentary we met the souls of the city, the souls that are never in the spotlight. Producted, written and directed by Adamo Mastrangelo and Alfredo Comito.